About Me

I am a British photographer currently based in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Before we moved to MA we spent three years living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Moving to a new country, finding amazing light, I started exploring my photographic and creative boundaries. And so the journey began and I’m delighted that you’ve jumped onboard!

I got my first camera when I was about 8-years old but it wasn’t until I went on a worldwide travelling adventure with my future husband that my love for photography really blossomed, so much so I purchased my first 35mm SLR when we were halfway around the globe. It wasn’t until after I had my children and moved to the other side of the world that I really learnt to use my camera and I started to see light.

I love capturing genuine emotion and beauty in the everyday. I love freelensing. I love in-camera double exposures. I create abstract images that are dreamy, that evoke a sense of nostalgia, that have a softness and an ethereal quality.

Thank you for being interested enough to be here and to read this far. Thank you for pushing me to be the best artist I can be.


Ceri XX

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